Return Of The Loner

“Do you think we have anything In common?” She asked me

“Right now no” I responded annoyed

We were at one of my favorite Restaurants, in south Minneapolis called “Rudolph’s”.  Christina wasn’t a girlfriend, nor Friend With Benefits. I wouldn’t even call her a Booty Call. She was just someone who happened to be around. In times of loneliness is when we are the most vulnerable. I honestly wasn’t attracted to her, never mind she was younger, she was just not my type. We come from two different walks of life. She looked disheveled, from her usually tidy feminine self. Her attitude was really pissing me of because we had plans to go to “St Anthony’s Falls” and the truth was she was acting like a mitch. The whole time I was thinking how to ditch her. However before I could. Christina grabbed her wallet and threw some cash on the table.

“Goodbye Solo” She said and kissed me on the cheek and walked away

I didn’t try to stop her or even run after her. It was the last time I would see her. I realized at that moment my mistake all along was holding unto something for convenience, instead of being true to my core and knowing I could do better. In the universe like attracts like. My vibrations had to be low.  As I saw her walk away. I wasn’t angry. I actually was happy cause she did something I didn’t have the balls to do and that was to walk away

I finished my drink paid the tab and walked out the restaurant

To be Continued….


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