How To Get Hot Women For Real! GuestBlog By Victor4Real

Hitting The Gym Like A Boss

The last few months I’ve read various forums and blogs.  Lot of shit I’ve been reading has been depressing and whiny. Some may find this post whiny by Victor4real but I love this shit, and co-sign it. To many guys crying about women this and that, when they need to step their fucking game up. While to some this guy may appear douchey or try hard their is tons of value in this article. I was gonna type up something similar to this but this guy hits the nail on the head not just what’s wrong with forums (trust me this shit is deeper then just RSD) but what’s wrong with this “Community” in general.It’s unfortunate the thread got locked.  This article ain’t for the timid, enjoy.


Ok so I used to be around couple years ago, late 2004 to early 2008, around 2007 I really liked this place, actually this was the only forum I was on more than my local lair. People on here seemed driven, motivated, HORNY. They seemed to actually go out and practise this shit. I saw threads everyday like “Ok this girl did this, how would u proceed?” or “Yep, 323th time Im out this year, fucked a good amount of 30 OK girls but I seem to have a problem with the REAL hotties, how should I work this out?”.

Fastforward to 2011, whats the first thing I see on the main forum? Topics like “I got banned from okcupid cause of opening girls with sending pics of my penis, what did I do wrong?”, “Im so alone, Im depressed, what should I do?”, “If the present moment is the only thing that matters, then why do we care at all?”, “do god exist? have u gotten access to the second realm?”, “I have a whiskey dick”, “Anyone else play star craft??”, “HOW DO I LEARN BEASTING??”.

What – the – fuck, what happened to this place? This aint no fucking forum for guys wanting alot of sex and a great lifestyle no more, this is a forum for depressed low testosterone life-fuckups who wants validation over the internet. On the one side u have guys who complain like idiots, on the other side you have fuckups who try to be cool just to hide their fucking weakness, spitting shit like “Just fucking raw fuck her like… fuck man.. just fuck her..” or “HAAH slut you should ask her if she wants your dick in her ass!”

What, you all turned to 14 again or some shit? Why the hell do you talk so much shit about eastern philosophy? That shit is WEIRD, thats NOT how “cool guys” think, OK OK I could agree with some simple shit like have some presence and dont obsess over shit, but this is just too fucking much. What, u spend your days reading every fucking book of eckard tolle or what? you think that gonna solve your problems? Dude, if you dont have a great sex life by now, then work on that shit, DON’T read this fucking eastern shit.

And whats this shit about “cool guys” you talk about all the time? Mother fucker, you seem to put “cool guys” on such a fucking pedestal it aint even funny,what, u were the fucking dorks in high-school or some shit and therefor you want some kind of revenge now? You think that “cool guys” is something special? I tell you what, Im a “cool guy”, Ive always been, Im probably the dude who stole your fucking lunch money, and guess what, we are nothing special, we fucking hate life some times, we have pets who die, we dont by any means have “great inner game”, we are often extremely egotistical but who the fuck cares anyway, we dont puss around mental masturbating over the internet or looking for the latest tolle book, we GO OUT and we creep on girls, thats what we do. Combine that with huge fucking confidence (egotistical or not, I dont give a damn), GOOD LOOKS and fashion (Yes this one is fucking HUGE, dont care what some of you are brainwashed to believe, having great fashion and taking care of yourself and looking great will bring more fucking pussy than any pickup-line, opener or whatever shit. This “looks doesn’t matter” crap is just for nerds who wanna rationalize don’t going to the fucking gym, getting ripped, upping their testosterone and being a MAN.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FUCKING LOOKS YOU RETARDS, I promise you, if you spend your fucking tolle reading time on going to the gym 1 hour a day instead, it will bring you 10 times more of pussy if you only GO OUT and approach.

This is SELF DEVELOPMENT, you develop yourself til your fucking best, a 10 in every damn area of your life.
Steps to a New You!
1) Join a gym!
2) Get a makeover!
3) Get a new wardrobe!
4) Do a martial art/sport!
5) Join a dance class!
6) Developing a social circle – how do we do that?
7) Going out in a community
8)Breaking down escalation
9) DIRECT GAME MINDSET; who the hell even came up with some indirect lame pussy shit????
10) Body Language
11) energy
12) an online presence
13) start focussing on personal development and not picking up women

You guys are making this WAY TOO COMPLICATED than it actually is. TRUST ME on that one.

This is fucking game:
Aesthetics + dominance + direct mindset + exemplary manners + solid ethics + dancing + energy + social circle + social proof + online presence + leading + escalation + outer game = PUSSY like a madman. Now, look at your current situation, “Where am I lacking??” and start to develop that part until its MAXIMIZED.


NO “why am I depressed??” threads, no “Oh I gotta check out rsdnation for the new coool video of tyler”, no thinking of how to “be present” DEAR GOD, thats NOT how “cool guys” or whatever the fuck u wanna call us think.

There are two ways to get good at game, and you need to do both, if you don’t have either naturally (which most guys here don’t):

* Improve your feeling of self-worth. Treat yourself and others with respect, get rid of the negative thought patterns you have about women and other guys. Impress yourself regularly. Be true to yourself (some people call this ‘inner game’)

* Learn social calibration, and learn how to interact effectively and efficiently with women.

In natural “game” YOU are the PRIZE (No I don’t care if “being the prize” is an ego mindset LOL). Your inner game (confidence, self efficacy) and outer game (interests, body, dancing etc) are so great that SHE games YOU. Now, do u have that? I bet not, so fucking WORK on it. If you want pussy that is… if you just wanna be a fucking no lifer jerking off to internet all day, do whatever the fuck you want.

Oh and btw, join a fucking martial arts class, go mountainbiking, climb mountains and shit, EXTREME sports, youre a man and thats whats ure born to do, join the fucking gym, dont be such a damn puss.

Look, either you can take my advice and grow some balls, or you can start resisting it and cry (yeah, I actually know what resistance means,eastern philosophy WOO), at the end of the day, I dont care that much, I do get more pussy than anyone of you without a doubt anyway.

My mission from now on is to rescue this fucking place (If I dont get banned by some crybaby thinking Im “too hardcore” or some shit, that is).

Oh, and for those of you who think Im some fucking internet keyboard jockey hero or whatever the fuck you call it these days, here are some pictures of me and my “lifestyle”, yes, you should feel jealous:

Go Hard!


Cave Manning
Model Chick

Yes. Going out is essential (fucking hilarious I even have to state something that obvious), but at the same time, you NEED social calibration, some here do understand that (consciously or unconsciously), but I get the feeling some of the dudes on here do NOT understand it. They hear shit like “Beasting” and think its about going out and being SUPER WEIRD, thats NOT what “guys who are respectable” do. If you get kicked out of some club time to time, who cares, but if it becomes a regulairy, LOL you are doing something wrong you fucking weirdo creepy fuck, get normal already.

There are also some ESSENTIAL “outer game” tactics you have to know if you actually wanna have some consistent success in this. Learn how to VIBE emotionally, learn how to get thru her resistance (almost ALL girls who aint shitfaced WILL put up resistance to test your fucking testosterone levels) – u a pussy or not? Learn how to stay on course when that shit happens. Learn how to escalate SMOOTHLY so she doesn’t think you’re a fucking idiot.

As a man YOU are the pursuer and women are the PACERS, you do whatever shit, she will put up shit, then you chill back some, then you go again, the more comfortable and attracted she becomes, the more she will let you escalate. Guys who dont get laid doesnt realise that, they think “oooh, she didnt wanna kiss me.. oh well I guess Im fucked then, fucking bitch hoe.. cold hearted cunt… lets go home and jack off again”. YOU LEAD THE INTERACTION AND SHE PACE YOU. “Hello my dear want some interesting playtime in the bed??” (You leading the interaction to sex very fast) – “Ooh noo why would you say something like that you creep!!” (She puts up resistance and PACE you, she aint ready for that yet, but she is STILL standing there), you take her pacing into account, you understand her comfort levels so u make it playful ”Ooh Im sorry, by playtime I meant watching OC and eating icecream =) Hey by the way blablablablablalba” talk some shit, then take it sexual again, if she likes your shit, she will allow for more escalation, keep on going with that shit until your penis is in her vagina, VOILA!


Extremely simply example but you get the fucking point. THATS how you get laid, you maximize your potential by GOING TO THE GYM, GETTING RIPPED AND SEXY, by dressing COOL, by being FUN, by HAVING A LIFE, by having a large amount of fucking testosterone and MANLY DRIVE.



Blalah not time for this anymore, will be back later and fuck ANYONE up who tries to argue me on this one


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