Generation Princess, Are Modern American women Whores?

Posted Originally September 12th, 2012

Don’t forget, the “Quality” woman you met in a bookstore at 30, picking the kids up from soccer practice before she heads off to women’s bible study that night is the same girl who did sorority gangbang porn when she was in college at 22.

Keep that ‘quality’ in mind.–Rollo Tomassi

A women was recently complaining about her pictures having gone viral on Every day if you go on Facebook,Twitter,Skout, POF, Meet Me and many more websites there are women posting sleazy pictures of themselves. Just know that if you post your picture on the internet(or send it to a guy who you barley know)anyone can have access to them online and can do whatever they wish(there are websites that even encourage this). Culture and technology have changed women and the dating market, to a point now were a women doesn’t have to leave the house to get attention. These women can get a quick “ego fix” by posting a picture and have thirsty men white-knights gushing over them. About more then a  year ago there was a fierce debate on Sosuave about the “Quality woman”. I made a post stating that I wholeheartedly agreed with a comment Pook made on his blog that you should judge a woman by her values and her spirituality. Boy oh Boy, little did I know the crap storm my comment would create.

Want a “Quality girl” then go to places where there are women of faith. I use to think Pook was crazy for saying that on his blog, but he was right all along a lot of women don’t practice spirituality. The once that sincerely do are the ones that are wifable, they are still feminine and compassionate. And want a man of spirituality/God as well.–Solomon

The question a lot of guys rarely ask is, “What do I truly value in a woman?”. What do you value besides her looks and beauty? What does a woman have to bring to the table to be worthy of your time? A lot of men seem to equate beauty with a great personality when this isn’t always the case. A lot of men don’t even have values when it comes to women as long as she is beautiful, and will do whatever it takes to keep their “Princess” happy . Arguments always ensure about “Quality women” here Senor Fingers breaks it down to why.

People operate under all kinds of circumstances. While there are certain inevitable constants of human nature, one of the biggest pitfalls for us as men is to fall under the limitations of our own assumptions. As I gain more experience under my belt and deal with lots of people in different situations, its become apparent that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to anything in life. There’s just far too many variables to take into account.

This is why arguments about “quality women”, or whether “looks matter” are just long bouts of masturbatory dialogue, because the world is far too big to fit inside any single POV. To impose your own views not only shows insecurity, but a desire to reinforce a shaky foundation of beliefs.

I only see this now because I’ve lived and hustled in many different cities/towns – it’s given me the perspective to see that my views and approaches are not founded on some universal law, but my own subjective vantage point. It’s taught me to be more open – to judge and label less – to observe, watch and listen more, and act on THAT rather than my own assumptions.

As a result I have discovered that there is often much more to people than meets the eye, and that for YEARS I was selling myself short with sweeping generalizations.

Women got the Iphone started snapping picture, White knights came to praise them and the rest is history


Let’s be honest, we don’t want to think that the women we have chosen as our girlfriend or wife has a “history”. We don’t even want to think that she has been with another man besides us. One thing that always baffled me was, how a woman would be “slutty” for one guy and put out real quick but another guy had to jump through the hoops of “courting” her(of  course I know why now).

I use to be the guy who wanted to “Wine and dine” a woman to love me. Then I learned that I could be the guy that she could “have fun” with. Rollo makes another astute point

About 5 years ago Tom Leykis did a topic on his radio show about this: He had everyday women call in and tell their stories of how they used to be sexually (i.e. slutty) and how they are now. He came up with this after driving past a grade school on his way to the studio and seeing all of the women there waiting for their kids to come out and wondered about what their lives used to be like in their childless 20s. This was a wildly popular topic and the confessions just poured in like all of these women had been waiting for years to come clean anonymously about the sexual past that their husbands would never dream they were capable of. Each of these women sounded proud of themselves, almost nostalgic, as if they were some kind of past accomplishments.This is why I laugh at the concept of the Quality woman. Don’t misinterpret that as a “women = shít” binary opinion. I mean it in the sense that most guy’s concept of a quality woman is an unrealistic idealization. There’s not a guy in the world who committed to monogamy with a woman who didn’t think she was ‘quality’ when he was with her. Even if she was a clinical neurotic before he hooked up with her, she’s still got “other redeeming qualities” that make her worth the effort. It’s only afterwards when the world he built up around her idealization comes crashing down in flames that she “really wasn’t a Quality Woman.”–Rollo Tomassi

I don’t see the point of judging or dwelling on a woman’s past, if that woman has changed for the better. If a women has done “X”, “Y”,”Z” why judge her for it? my problem is a women whose got repeat patterns of “X”, “Y”,”Z”.  Unless your woman is a virgin most women have a history of some sorts. I’m not advocating wifing up slores.  As a man you still have to have standards and screen women thoroughly. I see to many guys who are frustrated because they’re chasing after low quality women they shouldn’t even be dealing with in the first place!  If you’re dealing with a girl who is slutting it up and your trying to be in a LTR then the jokes on you.  The problem is a lot of guys don’t make the right screening process or don’t see the red flags. A lot of guys in “The Game” are jaded because they keep meeting slutty “loose” women due to their lack of screening(and standards) and when they get the “Red Pill”, they think they know it all. Fingz said it best in “Pimp Accordingly”

A lot of so-called players think they have “arrived” simply because they have taken off the rose-colored glasses and can see how foul things really are. This is a false revelation though. Just because you can see how much people suck does not make you any more adept at handling them. All you’ve done is traded rose glasses for black ones – it’s a different type of assumption which will limit you in the end.

Discarding these filters is what truly allows us to act within the context of a given situation. You see how the play is panning out on the field and pimp accordingly.. This helps you avoid a lot of common problems:

• You go to clubs or frat parties looking for a woman of substance, is it really the collective flaw of all womankind that you don’t have enough sense to find better hunting grounds?

People think I’m crazy when I talk about “women of faith” or “Spiritual women”. However how many guys honestly can say they have met a woman who

1. Treats people with kindness even if they can’t do anything for her. Has self-respect and isn’t self-entitled?

2.  How she responds to subjects of the soul.

If a man is poor, but following his soul, to become a Great Artist or Master Musician or something like that, the correct women can see that passion. The incorrect women will see only materialism and shallowism (shallowism as in the guy’s muscles and buffness).

I have witnessed one traditional woman, so high on herself, no marry until she was 35 (because she was SO SUPERIOR to us poor males) and then it was to a cop, to openly plot moving the cop’s body around (should he die) so she makes a fortune if it is considered he dies ‘on duty’. Does this sound like the type of woman you want?

Many men can’t do anything for women. This is why many women attack them. If a guy is not dating, is simply doing his own thing, minding his own business, and women begin attacking him, does not that speak volumes about the women? Is that not an indication of how they perceive that man’s only value to be his service to them?

Real women, as in real people, value souls. They do not see life through a prism of materialism and envy. They do not see a man as a mad scientist sees his automaton. Real women want the few material goods only to live. Bad women want to live for material goods.–Pook

However the arguments from critics about “spiritual” women are the same

don’t be fooled cause she goes to church that she is a good woman”–typical argument

I tried the church for a while. I found the same types of women you see outside, with the bonus of endless sermonizing, and you getting compared to Jesus – their first and grandest love – all the bloody time. They’re especially good at guilt tripping–Sosuave Poster

There are plenty of Christian dating blogs on the Net. Have a look for yourself. Other than the Christian theme, you’ll find the same BS there. In regards to “spiritual”. Women that I have known who are spiritual are just as slutty, if not more. But then, I suppose we need a better definition of spiritual. To be honest, I have not encountered any type of girl that was not slutty at some point in her life.–Sosuave Poster

When I read this the first question that comes to my mind is “What are these guys definition of spiritual?” I have said it before and I will say it again. Just because a person goes to church doesn’t mean their spiritual or even have a personal relationship with God. I dated a woman a few years ago who went to church. The only reason she went, was to “socialize” and be with her friends. Did she believe in God? sure but to her having a personal relationship with God didn’t matter at that time she just wanted to go to church to have “Girl time”.


A spiritual woman is a woman who has personal relationship with God and her higher self. Self-Awareness and humbleness is what a lot of worldly women of this generation lack. The self-entitlement has never been higher with a generation of woman then it is now. A lot of women have strayed from their true nature and are “confused” This is why so many beautiful women in western countries struggle in life, with having genuine friendships, the men they deal with, gaining true respect besides their beauty, etc. Narcissistic beautiful women put up this fake facade that their confident and “The shit”. But when you strip away that facade and get to know these women for real, a lot of them are hot emotional insecure messes(BPD’S!). Whose self-worth and validation is only through their beauty. From a young age they have everything handed to them because their “Daddy’s Princess” they become spoiled and gain a sense of entitlement. Some don’t even develop personalities or intelligence for that matter (case in point below).

Narcissistic women never evolve and their spiritual growth is stunted because of this, so they value materialism, superficiality, vanity and their own narcissistic image is what they idolize and deem as God

This is re-enforced by men whiteknights (and society) rewarding her behavior with attention and guys willing to do anything to get with her. Guys willing to take her on expensive dinners, trips around the world, buy her a car and pay her bills (I’ve seen this). This is why “Asshole” game and “cocky/funny” works so well with these women. Their use to everyone kissing their a$$. So when a man comes along who values himself more who doesn’t place her on a pedestal. It drives them nuts cause their not use to that.

Just because a woman says she is spiritual there is an automatic assumption that she should be perfect. This is the logical fallacy of the Quality woman argument in the first place. Guys who have this mythical “Perfect girl” in mind and then the other side that every “Woman is a slut”. I understand both sides and I’ve been on both sides. When I was naive I use to think that all women were Goddess and Angels, who were victims because of a misogynistic system. When I became more game knowledgeable, I started to become disheartened at how sloirsh some women were(especially girls who had boyfriends and were willing to cheat without a second thought ). If that “perfect”woman existed gents than the “Seduction Industry” wouldn’t exist . This is one of those endless debates that ultimately goes nowhere, because no one can agree on the definition of “Perfect” much less “Quality.” However I think Jeffest1980 definition is close.

Of course girls comes with a wide variety of moral compasses, just the same as guys. It depends largely on their upbringing, on their relationship with their parents (and their parents’ relationship itself), and their life experiences. The idea that you can take a girl that’s been faithful to her boyfriend for 4 years and turn her into a gangbanging slvt is about as realistic as thinking that a guy with “perfect game” can seduce every single woman he meets. Faithful girls will STILL feel attraction for new men, but they will RESIST entering any situation that might cause them to stray. The fact that they could, in theory, cheat if someone pushes the right buttons is kind of like saying we are all capable of murder if we’re pushed far enough. It’s exhausting and kind of pointless to view everyone in terms of their base desires when there is such a wide spectrum of observable real-world human behavior.

Sure, “Quality” girls (which, for the sake of this post, I’ll define as a woman that is statistically likely to remain monogamous, so long as her partner upholds his end of the bargain) may still have slvtty things in their past, but “slvtty” for them is probably more along the lines of a one night stand with a guy that was funny and nice and a friend of a friend…not getting eiffel towered by some random thugs in a coke den.

If you spend a lot of time in clubs and bars, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that biological imperatives reign supreme. But, remember- there is a whole subset of women that won’t set foot in a bar. A girl that is very introverted will respond much better to a guy that creates a strong emotional connection than to the “player.”

I do agree that women are more conscious of the power of their sexuality than men–us men have a near constant drive for sex, and this manifests itself in the premium that society places on women (Men are expected to perform dangerous tasks and go to war; “women and children first,” etc.). However, men have an analogous awareness of the importance of their social status. They don’t take pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors; instead, they go out and build wealth. Of course, there are men that care little about status and money, just as there are girls that care little about their appearance.

Long story short: If you meet a woman with a good family life and moral upbringing, with no mental illnesses and no history of cheating, the statistical likelihood of her cheating on you is significantly lower than one with a poor family life, BPD, and a history of cheating. I would term the former as a “quality woman,” based on those quantifiable observables.

Jeffest speaks the truth!  I refuse to believe that every women out there is a slore slut(although believe you me, there tons of sluts out there).  To do so would make me narrow minded and a liar. A liar because in this journey of mine, I’ve met some wonderful women who have helped me grow as a human being. Some may call me ignorant and a fool but I genuinely believe there still are good women out there but their not at bars and clubs every week nor are they posting pictures of their ass’s all over the internet.









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