Getting Older

I was chilling with the younguns at the place to be recently, they were going ham hollaring at Showstopprs but no dice. So we they decided to go to the “Hood spot”. I felt out of place, like a well dressed Manhattan cat in the wrong side of Brooklyn. When we got there of course it’s a bunch of ratchet chicks and MWC’s. I saw a brother step up and holla at a cutie pie.

“Oh you gonna step too me hood style huh?” says the chick to the dude

“Merde” test, uggh how I hate them. I couldn’t hear the whole interaction because it was loud but from dudes body language he was holding his own and was in it for a few minutes. Eventually the chick just left, I gave him props for hanging in there. However the chick looked faded(that’s a turn of for your boy). We chop it up for a few minutes. I decided to go home since I lost track of the squad but before I go, I went to the gyro spot to cop a slice of pizza(sorry Big Mark) and ran into dude who holla’d at the chick. I asked him about the interaction and what venue he is going too next.

“Nowhere, I gotta go home, this is boring clubs close here at 2 am where I’m from people don’t even go out till 2″

I agreed with him on that, in my younger years I use to go out at 9:45-10:15 now I don’t leave the house till 11-11:30 sometimes depending on the night. A lot of my friends don’t even go out anymore and if they do go out it’s usually when they travel to more exciting places. I get bored so easily these days when I go out, the younguns think it’s great but they weren’t around for the real “good old days”. When you use to go out and you could feel the electricity moving through the city cause it was so packed. You use to go out to one venue and stay there all night cause any venue you went too was cracking, now a days though this isn’t the case. The 2007 recession really did kill Minneapolis night life. Even though my clique makes things fun, I really don’t care for clubs or even the high end lounges these days only reason why I go is cause that’s where the girlies are. However once you’ve met one girly at this place you sorta met them all, originality is hard to find now a days.

I glance at my watch and it’s only 1:01 and I’m driving  home already. Priorities are telling me to get some sleep and then head to work and make some money. In my younger years I woulda stayed out till 2 am tearing it up having a blast and then gone to work with a headache, how times have changed.


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