Mandingofied White Chicks

“Once you go black, we don’t want you back!—Anonymous white man


Mandingofied White chicks aka Niggafied White chicks. It use to be a stereotype that only fat/thick white women love black men however as of late this hasn’t been the case.

First there is a huge difference between a chick who is open minded towards dating outside her race and a MWC. This video that got everyone heated of MWC chicks, why? because a couple beautiful white women thirstily fiending for that der mandingo  gushing over black men is not a good look for  Massa Charlie and Ryu is somewhere right now in Naziville losing his mind (or what’s left of it). These chicks say they don’t like ghetto guys, however I present exhibit A.


“Bros b4 hoes” eeh?  what about all this talk about respect? ok ladies you almost had me fooled! make no mistake, only simps are wifing these chicks, real cats are only using those slores for what they’re good for(and I’m not in the slander game but google these girls and you will find more interesting pictures of them half naked cough cough)

Here are 4 more signs that you may be dating a MWC besides cause of your “Swagger” these chicks exemplify point number 4 and 5 to the fullest.

1. BBC or Mandingo–”The sex with black guy is just different” or “You guys know how to ****” lets be honest it’s hard for a woman to be satisfied. Massa Charlie’s worst mistake back in the slavery era was warning the white women that “Mandingo’s have huge phallus’s”. Little did Massa Charlie know that his wife wasn’t satisfied with his “short” comings. Now Massa Charlie is paying dearly and you are too (welfare on these single mothers!).


2. Down 4 the cause-NWC’s usually are very naive and impressionable like the chicks in the video. To show that they are “down for the cause” or D4TC as I like to say these chicks will do things to prove that they “belong”. Some things may be like start dressing black, listen to Lil B, or even do a gangbang(a few years ago in a town up north white women were getting gangbanged so much by black men, their parents would take them to mental hospitals, cause they thought the girls were crazy.). Some might even start acting black which brings me to my second point.

3. Acts black(think she is Ghetto)–There is nothing that annoys me more then a white chick who tries to sound black. It just comes of as lame and annoying. These girls think that because they’re dating a black guy that now they can talk and act black. This is the biggest redflag of a NWC. These chicks typically don’t have an identity and so they just hop on whatever trend they think is fly. It’s like the eclectic blond I was seeing a few years ago. One second you’d thought she was a NWC, then another second a hipster, then another second a country chick. Very confused broad. It’s just embarrassing hearing a white girl say in her fake ghetto voice “What yall finna get into tonight?”

4. “I only date black guys, I’m not attracted to my own race”–Run for the hills if you hear a chick say this, I don’t care how hot she looks, she has self-hatred and self-loathing issues(and usually BPD and Daddy issues as well). It’s one thing to only date one race but not being attracted to your own race? that’s self-hatred and the ultimate form of a MWC

In 2012 its cool to date a black guy, not every chick is a NWC, however NWC’s are becoming harder to spot, their low quality trash and should be discarded as such (Cop N blow at best)




  1. Wow! Coming from a Black Woman your blog post came out very offensive and disrespectful! There’s nothing wrong with dating an African American man and if your stuck on the stereotype that all black men are “ghetto” your the cause of the problem! Please stay out the 50s !


    • This isn’t a dating website you don’t need to know my personal info.. And no one asked for you too :). And more mature than you are clearly 😒 go about your day!


  2. Wow! What an excellent blog post. Thanks Solo! You don’t put the URL on every video you make, so I’ve heard you mention your blog many times without a URL (perhaps they were in the description? I dunno). Anyway, I came here from your latest video, and I’m glad I did.

    Guys like us need your videos, man. Keep it up!


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