Racists Gonna Racists

Originally Posted On October 3rd, 2012

When I use to read racists blogs or threads related to the seduction realm, my Jimmies use to get severely rustled. I just couldn’t understand how people in this day and age could have such hatred for someone just because of their skin color. I quickly realized  two things.

1. Blacks and colored are not wanted in the game because lot of white dudes don’t want us to approach their women because they feel they can’t compete among other reasons (which I’ll get into more later). Threads/post on race always end up getting locked or deleted

2. Racists  fear something they don’t understand (colored people)

A lot of these racists never have had a colored friend in their life, especially in the seduction community (and just because you work with a black person and say hi to him every day doesn’t make him your friend bub). If they did they wouldn’t be spewing the ignorance that they spew on these blogs or forums etc. People who have friends of different races are much more open minded and understanding, due to the fact that they get to understand a different point of view. Only a closet racists would spew thet buffoonery that is seen in these blog comments.

In 2012 with a black bi-racial president, you would think people would be more tolerant of race. However in the last few weeks I’ve heard/seen/read more racists stuff in my life than I have in quite some time. I’m not just talking about the internet, but also in real life. The hatred these racists have use to piss me of, however now a days I just feel sad for those clowns cause they lack knowledge. You see when I was 20, I use to work at an office store with a Caucasian guy named Tim (who was 18 at the time). Tim was a white nationalist, and KKK supporter, with a confederate “The south will rise again” bumper sticker to boot . He hated niggers Negros but didn’t mind black people. To Tim Negros were ghetto trash and black people were people who worked and are not on welfare. Tim and I would have civil discussions about race, I really wanted to understand why he hated my people overall (Negros included). However get this, Tim loved rap music specifically three 6 Mafia. Now anyone who is familiar with three 6 mafia, knows their music is as black as it comes.

“It’s not that I hate black people, I just don’t understand why the other black people (Negroes) talk funny and  sag their pants. I guess that’s what I hate”–Tim use to say

Tim’s ignorance and lack of knowledge is the reason he loathes my people, yet at the same token he was a confused young man. How can you hate my people yet love our music? It then hit me that besides Tim being confused, he didn’t really hate me; he just doesn’t understand my people and my culture. If people like Tim would take the time to get to know a person of a different race. Instead of fox news television and how the media portrays them, then maybe they wouldn’t be so ignorant.

My Jimmies don’t get rustled easily at racist’s people anymore these days. For me to get upset is exactly what the racists want. It’s easy to hide anonymously behind the computer and talk ignorant . The Ryu’s are mad because they know deep in their hearts they ain’t got what it takes to wear the shackles that I wear, just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not around my wrists. The racists spread lies and ignorance to confuse the masses. He is not getting the white girl he wants but sees a black guy with that woman so he calls her a “nigger lover”. Deep down the racists feels inferior to me and my brethren even though he claims to be superior. We laced (and sowed)you with the “Pimp” game and what it meant to be a“Player” or “Mack” which than got watered down to become the “PUA” game as most know it today. The racists has to lie to himself to make himself feel better, but he is a loser, he is not getting any girls, he doesn’t have any friends, he is not winning in life so he spends all his free time reading blogs that fit his twisted ideology, he is not happy, he use to get beat by hisracists-bigoted father. He is lonely so he goes on a forum or blog and starts talking crazy because it makes him feel better about his sorry life.


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