She Don’t Wanna Be Saved!

Originally Posted October 1st 2012

I’ve known Flip the game since before he started his blog, he was dropping wisdom nuggets back on UPA. Sometimes you may read his blog on topics such as Glorified Hoodrats and Approaching women successfully and think he is stereotyping but the guy has pulse on the game and deeper understanding than most.

A month ago, Capo and I went to a local bar on a Thursday night. It was dead like most bars/clubs are now on Thursday nights. You use to able to go out on a Thursday night and come up(sometimes with two chicks!), now Thursday nights are grave yards. So long story short Capo and I spot a duo. One chick looks slightly like Kate from”Lost” the other girl is larger. Capo opens them up, I’m not even trying to manipulate game, just having a conversation.

 Close But Not Quite

Long story short find out the Kate-look-a-like chick is literally “Lost”, 26 years old 3 kids by a “Preacher” (and not married) as soon as she started talking about her “baby daddy drama” my mind shut off as did my phallus. I really didn’t care the only reason I’m talking to her is cause there are no better prospects plus Capo is trying to end a dry streak. I was so bored I ended up leaving Capo once the fattie left so he could number close the Kate chick and went to grab a cheeseburger.

The next night Capo and I are chilling with “Nicole” a chick Capo knew from college. Nicole use to date Capo’s roommate, her and Capo are still good friends nothing sexual. We are at a bar in uptown, and this chick runs into her Smash-buddy. “What do you want?” he says, embarrassed she comes back to our table where we were seated, and they start having a lame text fight. Long story short at the end of the night she is crying

“Why me? I cooked for him at 6 am this morning, I’m a good girl”

“I’m gonna be honest, some guys it doesn’t matter what you do, we gonna put you in that category that you will never be our girlfriend, will give you hope to string you along but honestly your not good enough”—said Capo

She starts sobbing hysterically again because she now realizes the truth that she has been ignoring for so long. However I don’t say much, I know what Capo is doing is pointless. Situations like Nicole use to really rustle my jimmies and piss me of. Once you realize that no matter how “educated” Nicole is, or how “good” she treats a man. She is not the victim she has a choice to walk away!

5 minutes later she is texting him again. Nothing that Capo said stuck. You can’t save these women that don’t wanna be saved. This is why this generation of secular women no matter how educated they are, no matter how many degrees they obtain,  how  much money they make. It doesn’t mean squat,  If a woman doesn’t have self-respect and self-awareness  and common sense. Then she is just dumb

The problem is, these people are delusional, and not as good as they think they are. Nor are they innocent or victimized . What they do is, get with people like themselves, mirror their issues onto them, blame for everything, and play the victim. Meanwhile, they keep seeking them out so they can feed their misery and drama. Trust me, these people are dysfunctional and no different than the jerks they seek after. Just because they show their vulnerable side as they’re whining and playing the victim doesn’t make them good people. Most are quite selfish and spoiled, and complain when they cant get their way.

Never sympathize with the damsel in distress. They’re not as innocent or honorable as they claim. They’re usually quite F***ing insane, actually. And yes, good people dont do these things – onl losers who think they are good do. Their true colors are typically right in front of you – what you see is what you get. All the F****ing, drama, victim playing, misery, bad boy seeking – thats THEM. Accept them just as they are, and DONT try to change them – not unlike they are doing with the jerks.

This is how people get caught right up in the jerk seeking jerk then becoming a jerk cycle. If these people didn’t have issues, this wouldn’t be happening. Thats why they never JUST date jerks – they’re usually crazy and worthless on top of it.

Remember: only losers date jerks, and vice versa. Just because they’re conceited and in denial, doesn’t make it not true. The dysfunctional compatibility they share is always there. To quote Eminem from the song Love The Way You Lie, “you’re the same as me”.

Evidence: multiple kids, bars, F*** buddies, jerks. Certainly there is more if you go deeper. Sounds like a loser to me.-Floydb25

The quote by Floyd rings volume. The people you surround yourself with and allow in your life, will treat you the way you allow them treat you. This is why I try to keep people who bring no value to my life at a minimum. This isn’t just true for women; some men don’t wanna be saved either. I know a guy who can’t hold a job, nor does he drive but he always seems to be at the club leeching of people to buy him drinks. People like him because he’s a fun guy to hang out with and knows tons of chicks. People like that don’t bring much value to the table and eventually they will bring you down cause you always end up paying for them.

A smart woman isn’t going have 3 kids and be unmarried, nor is a smart woman going to be dealing with a man who continues to disrespect her. This is common sense; this is something that intelligent women know. Sadly these two scenarios are becoming more and more common. I see a ton of these women (and men) drowning in the sea of “loserdom “ screaming they wanna be saved, I see white knights and suckers throwing life rafts out in vain, cause these losers ain’t taking them.

Let’em drown  I say, Let’em drown!


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