Originally Posted in December 7th of 2011

Your not Alpha If you follow the advice of everyone who wants to give it to you. Sometimes to be alpha is to do whats not popular this is why the alpha is the leader of the pack, he thinks for himself.

Advanced game is when you have the basics down but with a  level of understanding were you don’t have to think about the fundamentals this is simply were you just be and run on “Auto Pilot”.

Your favorite guru may be a great writer/teacher but that doesn’t mean he is a great gamer. There are guys out there who you never hear about who never typed a blog post or taught a bootcamp yet their game is far superior then your favorite guru.

Real Men don’t wear skinny jeans, nor do they wear jeans that show their ass, If you see a man that does this call him “Poo Pirate”

If you don’t sleep with a woman past 2 times, forget about seeing her again. Women seem to get emotionally attached after you bone them 3 times, 3 is the magic number to get her to stick around.

Make a woman orgasm once and she will come back , make her orgasm a 1000 times and she will never leave.

Women are the new men, and men are the new women.

Women only come to you when they need something and leave once they have it, the same is true with cats.

I came, I seduced, I came again.

The notch is overrated, once you slayed one woman you have slayed them all. What’s the difference between a “8″ and a “5″? The 8 is hotter who can probably easily get you aroused, you wanna fuck the shit out of her because of how sexy she is but the 5 may be better in bed and also may give  porn star quality blow jobs. However you get tired of fucking the 5″fast because she isn’t as hot as the 8. The 8 may be an average lay, and blows at giving blow jobs. The point I’m trying to make is, you get tired of fucking the same chick, hence guys try to chase after multiple notches.

The entitlement of women is to blame because of fathers who raised these women from a young age saying your “Daddy’s princess” or “Daddy’s girl”. These women always got spoiled and got whatever they wanted, and learned so from a young age. Want to know if the woman you are dealing with is worth it? see how she deals with her father and how her father deals with her. This will tell you how she deals with men period and how she will treat you.

The best gamers aren’t the ones that know all the theory or read all the books, the best gamers are the once that are able to adapt in any situation on the fly even ones they haven’t encountered before, thus gaining more experince. This is why the practitioner will always be greater then the theorists.

Believe in yourself, your capable of moving mountains.

They say money over bitches, because once you have money then you don’t have to worry aboutbitches(get it?).

Looks on a woman matter but a beautiful woman with no personality? her beauty fades faster then a withering flower.

Women would rather be a rich mans Slore then a nice guys wife.

If a chick has kids by another man, run the other way, and run swiftly. Women are smarter then we give them credit for. They are  “pickier” and have “high standards” . What woman wants to deal with another woman’s “mess”? not a lot. So as a man why should you deal with another mans “mess”?

A guy who twitters about getting laid constantly is an attention whore, pics or it didn’t happen!

Any man can put a seed in a woman that doesn’t make him alpha, it takes a real man to raise that seed.

A lot of gamers are miserable before they start learning game and try to cover that misery by learning the mastery of seduction, they think that learning how to get hot chicks will make them happy. What they don’t realize is that seduction is the “Dark arts” and in turn they get seduced which causes them more misery when they still don’t get the happiness they desire.

Not wearing a condom when you fuck a slore whom you just met is beyond absurdity its moronic. If you wanna pay 18 years for child-support be my guest or catch some STD, all for the sake of a nut.

If you call or text a woman more then twice and she doesn’t respond, charge her to the game.

It’s important to build your empire and think of your future, women will always be around but the opportunity for you to leave a legacy will not.

The player says I have to fuck  as many women as I can, so he does then he dies having accomplished nothing  significant in life.

When I started learning game, I wanted to learn how to slay pussy and get laid by hot women. However I learned something I didn’t expect as well, that for me to be a man. I had to take pride in myself and have self-respect hence I have to improve myself first(this is a constant evolution). I am more important then any woman, pussy can make you happy temporally but what makes you happy period? a lot of guys can’t answer that question.

“Texting, Facebook, Twitter is for bitches”–quoted from every player I know in real life.

If you wanna know if God is real, go to a nature park or wooded forest by yourself with no cellphone or technology for a few days. Walk around, and marvel at the splendor and look at the sky’s. Hear the birds and animals chirping for awhile. Then sit down and close your eyes, focus on your breathing and mediate and be still. Things will be revealed to you if you truly try this with an open mind.

If you meet a girl at a club or bar and she says she is going to the bathroom and will come back, she is not coming back.

Judge a woman by her actions and not words. For a woman’s words can be deceitful but her actions never lie.

Every time you have sex with a woman you lose a piece of your soul to her.

Skinny chicks, fun and fast.  Thick chicks, cushy and juicy. Fat chicks erm no(unless it’s 1:55).

Nice guy finish in their hands  hurriedly, cool guys finish in her mouth smoothly.

Never be ashamed to be sexual with a woman, it shows them that your confident and know what your doing.

The community is nothing but a bunch of nerds and former nerds who are alpha all of a sudden, yet still yearn for acceptance, or to be part of some “movement”. While your favorite gamer is alpha now, you are better to take heed from a guy who has been alpha all his life. To that guy it’s not a “Technique” but being natural like the air he breathes!

Lot of guys think that finding “The one” will make them happy, then when they find her.They are more miserable then before because they don’t know how to keep her.

What do you call a bunch of guys who sit at a bar, drinking and talking about “Feminism” and “Game”  and complaining that there are no good women. Yet they aren’t talking to any women at said bar? you call them “Keyboard Jockeying Phaggets “.

The game will turn you into a narcissist, now the gamer promises you “ego-free” gaming, this is bullshit, your ego is part of you. Learn to harness your ego and keep it in check when it wants to control you with vain imaginations.

Women cheat for attention men cheat for sex.

Banging grenades while drunk is fun, until you wake up the next morning to a woman who looks like Chewebacca.

Run away from the man who says “I’ve got women all figured out” for he is a blabbering fool. To truly have women “all figured” out a man would lose his sanity and hence become a woman himself.

People say that showing emotions is beta, but emotions is what makes us human. Even Don Draper cried once on the show “Mad Men” and he is considered the manliest of them all



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