The Greatest Player You Never Heard Of!

ntro by Solo

Every so often, someone comes along who really inspires you. You rarely hear about that person because that person isn’t in it for the accolades or the glory. They simply share their experiences and then vanish. The experiment is one of those guys. He has a total of 13 posts on sosuave. However the post on his experience in the game is just as good as any post I’ve read regarding anyone’s experience. I hope you enjoy. I know it’s long read but it’s worth it

3 1/2 Years in The game by The Experitment

For some background, in High School, I was in the popular crowd. I was starting varsity for football for two years, won two awards, was even included in a song for homecoming, and never ran out of friends. Do you want to know how many girls I got in this time? That is right, zero. So let that be the first lesson to you, status doesn’t mean anything. I should have fended them off with a pointy stick but I spent my nights fist festing my d***.

Enter into college. I expected the situation to turn around. After all, this was college where it was a giant drunken orgy. Then you’d go to a few classes, get A’s on the final, and pass. Harsh reality check ahead as I wound up doing terrible in school, no model quality girls begging to suck my d***, and wound up putting on about 25 lbs the first semester.

This is where it begins. I was a down and out man. I needed to drop the weight and get everything straight. Was it possible to be a ladies man? I had no clue but now I felt I had no choice as to explore these avenues. I was fat, doing poorly in school, never kissed a girl, and I was determined to fix it.

When getting out there, the first thing that I realized was that I hadn’t a clue on social intelligence. I always made friends easy but I never cared about the social nuances and minor details. My strategy with friends was like the Blitzkrieg strategy: I went to a group of people, made them laugh their asses off, and generally made the conversation on my terms. It was fine to make friends but I always came up short with girls. Why?

Lesson #1 – Know the minor details – I don’t like it when people make posts saying “LOL WHO CARES ABOUT IF A GIRL IS SHOWING INTEREST ROFL GO DO IT” That is a mistake. If you want to crash and burn more often than not, then by all means, do it. If you want to F*** up your chances with a girl and possibly her friends for a long time, then take that approach. If you want success, you got to learn the minor details.

Women approach men all the time. However, they do it through subtle hints. This was what I needed to know. I could have a great conversation with a girl and then have no F***ing clue if she wanted more. They certainly didn’t show that they wanted me so I was in the dark. I had to begin to learn about those social cues. My success in getting numbers and dates shot up dramatically after figuring it out.

I was a game maniac. I worked my craft on all my female friends and it worked amazingly well. Even if they didn’t want to part their legs for me, we became much better friends. I talked about nothing except getting some and the girls and I would talk for hours about the subtle characteristics of seduction. Classes were going much better and the weight was flying off of me, going from 275 lbs to about 240 lbs in April.

Lesson #2 – If you want it, go do it – At first I was too afraid to even say a word to a random girl but now I had it down pat. I wanted to fix my situation so instead of pining over the girl, thinking of a foolproof pick up line, I went and did it. My strategy wasn’t reckless, I knew I had to think on my feet. All good pick up artists need to think on their feet. This is why canned situations suck. Motivational posts are fine but you need to have a quick wit, especially when girls want to throw you off. The further I got into the game, the more I ditched the canned lines and phrases and started using my own material.

After busting ass in the gym (down to 215-220 lbs), I finally got laid. I had chances in the past but I set my standards up pretty decently and was not willing to throw my D*** in any P**** to get it over with. About a week later, I F***ed my second girl. Before heading back to school, there was a third. In about 4 weeks, I banged three different girls. The snowballing was taking shape. The momentum was getting to be quite fast. I rubbed my hands in glee as I thought about pillaging the female halls in the dorms and the sororities, which I wound up doing.

For the first semester, the girls all fell in line. My game was tight and vicious. I pushed myself to new heights by picking the girls up and taking them to my dorm (yes, I lived in the dorms a 2nd year) to F*** in a span of 15-20 minutes. Waking up with a bj from the girl I banged last night and later F***ing another girl started to become commonplace. I didn’t wear condoms that often and if I had homework to do, it was always set aside to get some more P****. You can see the road I was heading down.

It was a rapid improvement. Three months after losing my virginity, I racked up well over a dozen partners, and was invited to a lingerie party. Girls who most guys talked about, there was a good chance I talked to them, got their number, dated them, perhaps even nailed them. I was considered a very good looking guy, which may have very well helped me but good looks didn’t mean S***. I had a friend who did modeling who never approached a single girl and never had one approach him.

Lesson #3 – Women are just a part of your life, not your entire life – All this partying and humping led to a crisis. Academic probation now seemed to be a reality. I barely did homework and whatever I could fit on my TI-89 Notebook feature was how I studied for tests. My weight loss now stopped around 200 lbs. I no longer went to the gym, I began drinking on a regular basis, and my eating went to S***. Despite losing 75 lbs, I was looking soft. I put everything aside to bust nuts inside of girls. I had to turn my situation around. That is when it dawned on me that life is not one big party. Not if I wanted to succeed in life.

So I began lifting, started eating right, stopped hitting the sauce, and started cracking open those textbooks. I narrowly missed academic probation. I didn’t learn my lesson entirely though as I made my schedule for next semester out to be brain-dead easy, allowing me time to do studies and keep F***ing girls.

I was getting bored of it. Draining my balls inside nubile freshmen girls was getting tiring. So I went out with a cheerleader. Got tiring. Convinced that only dumb chicks went for this, I banged a girl who got a 35 on the ACT. I did much more. I had to prove to myself that what I was doing was healthy, was ultimately good and somewhat altruistic.   I became far more of a womanizer than I’ve ever been. It wasn’t so much that I needed them. I was like a kid in a candy store and I haven’t had my fill. Banging 4-5 girls was not an impossibility. One left, didn’t matter, there were about three more hot girls who wanted to take her place. I was always honest and never once misled the girls I was with. If they thought they were the one, that was their fault as I made it clear that they were just around for me to F***.

Women love drama so many past lovers reappeared, hoping to get a relationship from me. I never did this. For most of the young ladies I was with, it was the F*** and the door, in that order. We would spend time or she could sleep over, only so much as she didn’t intrude in my other activities (lifting, studying, which I made it a priority to do now). Lifting and studying were much more fun activities. Womanizing now seemed like a chore.

Lesson #4 – Pursue Your Passions – Getting tired of all the bulls*** and drama, I broke up with all the girls. I felt like my hair was going to turn white by the end of the year. Most girls seemed to have nothing going on in their lives and if there isn’t drama, by God, they are going to make some. My mind became far clearer. There were so many things I wanted to do in school that I set aside for getting laid that I felt depressed.

Pursuing your passions. Women take up a small part of your life. Your passions should always take a larger share. Your passions are what keeps you sane, what keeps you hungry, what keeps you alive. I began writing more and more. I began getting into politics (a long passion of mine since I was a little kid), I took lifting weights very seriously, and I was determined to make Dean’s List for the next semester. Finally, I felt satisfied and happy with my life. Who knew that deep down, I wanted to be like the dorm geeks who wished they had a life like mine?

The next semester, maybe I’d have a girl but these were my passions. Which sucked because girls who I’ve dated/F***ed found a way of coming back into my life, only to find out that I was now a one woman man. Lots of interesting conversations about how I’ve changed.

Lesson #5 – Nothing wrong with female friends – I turned a lot of these past lovers into friends. Some of these girls was not just T&A and a vagina, they were good people. I enjoyed their company even though we never ever did anything past that. I finally felt at peace. I’d have 1-2 girls I was f ***ing, plenty of girls who wanted to be those lucky one or two, lots of girl and guy friends, and my passions in tact. I was happy.

I began to slump back again into manwhoring. It got to the point where I needed P**** every night and if it wasn’t on tap from the girls I was seeing, I revived my old practice of finding a lone girl, then talking to her while leading her into my bedroom, having her take in my D*** within a half hour.

College is interesting. While it doesn’t resemble Animal House, the ridiculous S*** I found myself in was interesting by itself. Only in college, going up to a hot girl and say “Nice tits”, will make them smile, laugh, and want to spend time with you, giving you the opportunity to bury yourself in her chest. (Yeah, this happened). My sexual escapades were insane when looking back at them. The S*** I got away with…man….

At this point, there was almost no game involved. I was such a master at body language reading that we could almost have whole conversations without speaking a single word. If we did speak, it was to convince ourselves that we were not shameless sluts who wanted nothing more than intense, sweaty sex. Rejection almost never happened.

The evolution of the game is simple. At first, you second guess everything, you have wild and fantastic fantasies running through your head as a perfect pick up. You begin pouring over texts and e-books over this S***, thinking you are fine tuning your game.

Lesson #6 – Nothing beats experience – Pook is quite the writer and I enjoy reading his stuff. Same goes for much of the DJ Bible. Let me tell you thought that nothing beats experience. When I read this stuff, I read it for entertainment. Most of the advice given on the internet is bunk. Every person is different. A good looking guy cannot be as cocky as the ugly looking guy. A 5’3″ guy cannot pretend to be a badass without looking like a joke with Napoleon complex.

I think in a given moment, maybe 30% of the advice, even the ones considered good, offer any real kind of quality that you can take to the bank. Most of it just seems like a writing exercise. Not trying to shoot down anyone or anything, its just in my experience.

It was now 2006 and my mind was clear. I had passion in my life again and things were going great. I decided to make a pact with myself that I’d never put the P**** to the forefront of my life again. It was a rule I broke time and time again.

For many months it was the same deal. Then I decided to do my most ambitious project yet; dating eight girls at once. It was accidental. It was the most stressful time in my life. I was like a juggler with eight balls. I made my attempt to manage and micromanage the situation. Dealing with 8 girls was not easy. Not American girls. Most American girls today are extremely egotistical and arrogant. If you were to ask about what the world revolves around, instead of the Sun, they are more likely going to suggest themselves (semi serious). I called it the Diva Complex. So being one of eight girls with a guy was not easy.

It fell through in weeks. I decided I was done with women entirely for a while. The gym and school needed me. I needed them. I seriously considered going celibate for the rest of my life.

It could be said that I should have just stopped and stuck with one girl. I couldn’t. My thirst for success is insatiable. Threesomes, eight girls, lingerie parties, etc. They weren’t able to quench it. I’m an ambitious guy and in my mind, the more and more I thought about it, the more and more I realized that women were just a part of my life, not the whole thing. I thought that there was some high level dating or whatever that would make me satisfied but it didn’t. I needed more.

So in early 2007, I got a girlfriend. Her father was insanely wealthy and gave her $500-1000 in allowance every week. She spent a good portion of that on me. It took its toll though and it fell through. A month or two later, I had another girlfriend that did not last. We were just two different people. The girls I knew wanted to take life slowly. I am the kind of person who works best with a full plate of activities and obligations.

So that is it. Whether you take anything from it or not, its up to you. Everything here was real and I could go into greater detail but there’s no point. I could post up a few old field reports but there’s no point. What works for me may only work for me. There’s not a one size fits all strategy for the ladies.

What is in store for the future for me and women? Not sure. It appears that this story is not like The Game where Neil finds love and moves on.


Anyway, all I did was keep my eyes open. Fortunately, cold approaches was a short lived ordeal. For me, all I did was look to see how girls reacted to my presence. If these girls looked at me for longer than a couple of seconds or started playing with their hair, this was the green light. There is rarely an invitation from a girl like her playing with her hair.

The social cues is to listen to what she is saying and what her body language is. Its rare that I listened to what a girl had to say literally, unless it was a neutral subject. When it came to anything other than what she did for a living or fluff talk, I paid attention to all the implicit signs and body language. If she was messing with her hair further, laughing at extremely dumb jokes, and can’t take her eyes off of me, the girl is in the bag.

At that point, I isolate her and make my move. Whether that was a phone number, a kiss, or a lay, once she was very interested, isolation is key. If she is willing to go to this isolated location (meaning away from her friends), then the ball is in your court. There is little way to F*** up. You can F*** up, which happened to me a couple of times, but you have to be really, really bad to do that.

I think what I said was too general but I think you should get the gist of it. The idea of social cues is twofold:

1) What are her hidden messages?
2) What is her body language projecting?

These are important. Women love to read in between the lines. They confess this endlessly. So its a good idea to listen. I know that a lot of guys think that talking to a girl is a waste of time and you just nod your head incessantly. This is a mistake.

Hope this helps.

Some additional lessons I neglected to mention:

Lesson #7 – Never stop improving yourself – You will be amazed at just how capable and powerful you really are. Just because you found yourself into some vag doesn’t mean that its time to give up on improving yourself. Read, write, draw, paint, teach, lift, etc. Be a well rounded person. Women like interesting guys. Most dudes these days think only of beer and *****. Being a well rounded person will give you major brownie points. Use any and every advantage you have.

Lesson #8 – Don’t use – I did this. I wasn’t sure if I was a good looking guy. I put up a picture of me looking scruffy with a somewhat mean look on my face. I got a 9.1. I cleaned myself up, had a great tan, smiled, lost about 20 lbs, I got a 6.4. A friend of mine who modeled got a 5.8. That site sucks. Don’t fall into the trap of that website.

Lesson #9 – Hang around other guys who get girls – Don’t hang with the same virginal or seldom-laid friends. They will more often than not try to ruin your chances. A good PUA would have ways around it but any guy who tries to interfere with another guy getting laid is not a friend at all. The so called friend in reality is an insecure loser. Hang out with the people that you want to become. Not meaning become a poser.


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