More Threats from THoTy

The chick just called the cops, curious to see how they will handle this….see how black women are keen to destroy a brother? the fuckery does not stop



  1. LMAO what a whimp you are when someone bothers you make a blog LMAO get a life your so immature and I said I would give a day before I do I already called non emergency police but I will call the real police I will inform my uncle’s


      • Bitch you funny if you’re trying to say u know we’re I live you funny never heard of downy LMAO how’s the weather in Minneapolis and it’s pretty funny you say I’m thot LMAO please explain to me what a Thot is lol you have no life if you making blogs about one person go get an education LMAO I can’t with you got me over here laughing


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