You Are Not Alpha

Let me just be clear this is my opinion folks!

I think traveling is the best thing a man can do. Discovering new places, learning about new culture even the women. I don’t think there is anything wrong with going to another country to have fun, however I do think it’s wrong when you go to another country to pay to get laid cause you can’t get laid in your country and deem yourself an alpha male. The term alpha male has been so twisted (especially in the manosphere)but for the sake of this quick article let me just say this. If you are a “real” alpha you shouldn’t have problems getting trim anywhere.

I think what’s worst is guys who talk tough online just to be exposed on video running away from the ops but that’s another post…….

I have nothing against men traveling like I said I’ve traveled myself and am not even opposed to the idea of meeting women. But what you doing bro is tricking, flat out and straight true. You can lie to your fans, but at least keep it real with yourself……


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