Dubai Porta Potty(Ewww)

*Scroll Down For Written Version*

This may not be a surprised but there are women out here getting tons of money to get defecated, peed on and worse here i just a small sample of the fuckery


In the end we live in a time where morals and God have gone out the window,  it’s truly sad that women will sell their soul to be rich and get shitted on (literally). Instagram women have no morals or shame. How  these women are willing do anything with strange men for money. These are the girls that diss you at the club like you are some piraaha little did you know “Stephanie” was just getting peed on and skeeted on early that night



So if you wondering why that women won’t call you back, why she flakes she is probably getting peed on. what’s more distributing is how ready these women are willing to do this without thinking twice

You can say all you want about a woman’s past not mattering, but it does. This is the the type of crap (pun intended) that will affect a woman psychologically forever. Imagine the sucker who is gonna wife one of these slores up?


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