Does Penis Size Matter?


Yes it does any guy who thinks it doesn’t is lying to himself. Do you really think a woman gets more pleasure from a 4 inch penis than say an 8 inch? Which would you prefer

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Would you want this



Penis sizes matter any guy who doesn’t think so is lying to himself. However what matters more than Penis size is something most guys don’t get is HOW TO USE YOUR PENIS.

I recall a conversation where a woman was with a man who had a big penis but he didn’t know how to use it and he couldn’t fit it in and it would hurt. Whereas another man had a smaller penis but he knew how to use it and had great stamina. You see the average guy lasts only 5 mintues, yes only 5 minutes. This is what most guys fail to realize. Build up your stamina become a stud and she will call you again and again and again even if you only packing a 4 incher.

However if you small and have no stamina well you’re in for a world of hurt.

There are lot of sexually frustarted women out there because they are not having quality sex, while your pumping away for 5.4 minutes she is bored to tears because her coochie barley got wet. Stop watching porn step your stamina up and blow her back out for an hour or two. You know you hitting it right when the next day she is walking funny!



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  1. Yeah, bro. I agree 100%. One of the biggest problems though is that women like to tell these lies when they are asked to give advice to men. Women constantly say, “Oh, y’know… dick size doesn’t matter.” Naw. That’s a lie. They’re just saying that so they don’t look like they’ve had much experience being stretched out by 50 different dudes with massive porno cocks. But it’s a lie. Don’t think for a second that these women aren’t superficial. Don’t think for a second that these women won’t talk about your small ass dick and laugh at you behind your back in front of all her friends. Size is a major factor to them. So if you’re short a few inches, you make it up by building up your stamina. Nail her for 45 minutes like you’ve got a jack hammer in your pants. And if you showcase your skill enough to your sexual partner, last long enough, and even give her that orgasm she’s been aching for, then and only then will your size (or lack thereof) be overlooked. Hell, you might even be the best fuck she ever had because you lasted longer than any other dude she’s ever smashed. That’s my two cents.

    Sorry for waiting so long to hit up your blog, Solo. I’ve been a fan of your YouTube channel for a while now. I’m out.



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