A Message To The False Flaggers


You mad?

You bitches mad? yeaaaah you bitches mad

Try to flag this though oh wait you can’t! cause this is my site!


I find it sad that women hate on men who wanna deal with better women, who don’t want to be emasculated who are looking to be loved by women who don’t act like men

In life you will always have haters it’s just sad that the biggest haters are these creatuers that are disgracefull women who are crying about thugs on youtube yet disregard good men and hate on good black men(da fuck is wrong with yall?)

They have done this to Roosh V,  Julien Blanc From RSD and now they are doing it to us!

Time for black men to create our platform, once we do this they can’t do shit

Solomon Jones I’m still here





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