The Truth About Bitter Black Women ON Youtube *Warning Shots Fired*

I always knew one day they would shut me down, it’s intivatable in an era where people would rather be fed bullshit “PC” instead of truth, even if truth hurts, it shall set you free!

So per Doncalypso’s advice I bought a an external hard drive. When I first started youtubing, I never started with the intent to become a youtuber etc. I started because I was a blogger first, got tired of blogging. The youtube thing jumped of kind of by accident.

What does this have to do with Black women?

Black women on youtube who are bitter because they don’t know what a good man is, ended up being the sterotypical single mother, overweight, poor attidude. We talking about Black women who rode the cock carousel, not the ones who understand what it’s like to be femine, caring and loving!

These women now are running on youtube wishing death on all black men, telling black women they should “swirl” and leave black men alone. However what these broken bitter heifers never tell you, is they don’t know what a good black man is. They have never been with one so because they got shitted on by a brother(or two) they disregard all black men as evil. These women are bitter and broken and REFUSE to take responsblility for the poor choices they have made in men and life.

So they run on youtube saying all black men ain’t shit, black men are this, and black men are that. However when you ask these black women one simple question

Have you ever dealt with a Good Black Men?




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