What “Black Swirliers” Won’t Tell You

These women wanna “Swirl” that’s what they call it. A term that fetishes interracial relationships. These women promise happiness dating outside of your race. They will say rubbish, that all black men are disloyal, abusive, selfish, cheaters, down low etc. These women will tell you how asian men, white men etc are better.  How non-black men Will “provide” and will “love” you like the queen you are meant to be.

But what these swirliers won’t tell you is the black men they went after who broke their hearts. Were thugs, players and pretty boys that we have warned them about. Think about it for a second, have you ever noticed the only women who seem to be advocating”swirling” are the once that have been hurt by blackmen? Have you noticed these women who tend to “swirl” never have anything positive to say about black men in general? not even about the good ones?

The reason? because they have all picked and “Choosen” bad boys. It’s quite simple when you ask these women. “Have you ever been with a good black man before?” they refuse to answer that question, heck I have asked D-List youtuber, Izidoria Storm this question, 3 separate times. Everytime I asked in a comment where she is trolling, she refuses to answer or ignores it. The truth is the black woman haven’t.

As a black man I would be a liar and say I haven’t dealt with good black women, however in general most black women where I live in this God forsaken place are ratchet 70% are single mothers, 75% are overweight, most have bad attitude, or look like men ready to play linemen for the Green Bay Packers!

The truth is as man, I can be honest and say I’ve met some good black women and even dated them the problem is “Good” black women are few and few in between. The ones that are good end up being “ran through” by the thug niggas.  Usually have one kid (or more) end up with some std this thug brings home. These women end up bitter and one day decide to brush up their dusty microphone and start ranting about black men ain’t shit. But if you were to ask these “sisters” what type of black men they have dealt with it’s always the same narrative.



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