“You Are A Traitor Solomon”-Black Women


I’m going to brief here gentlemen, the coalition of butt-hurt oompa loompa’are in an uproar. You see these women are mad when I tell black men too “Save Themselves“. These women are angry, and accusing me of pushing an “interracial agenda”. I have never said for the record black men should date white women.  What I have said many times is black men should go where they are wanted!

Would you want this? (Simone56 in the back)

If that means dating outside of your race so be it. Ask yourself why do black women get so butt-hurt when black men date outside of their race. Yet rejoice when Black women do it? (Serena Williams anybody?) When those black women weren’t checking for those brothers in the first place? But as soon as Emily, Jennifer, Megan, Kelly,Nicole, Amber or Becky is checking for a good brotehr, “they” get butthurt and are a quick to call him a “Sell out” and a “Coon”

Or Would You want this?

People say you are not qualified to talk about black women cause I have interracial dated in the past. The truth is I still date black women (as I’ve stated numerous times) I just don’t date American Black women. For reasons I already discussed and will delve more into in part 2. However American Black women, will use you, suck you dry of all your resources, and will take advantage of you. Espeically if you are a kind-hearted spiritual  black man!

2014-11-01 00.30.17
Black Women are like Dracula in Real life

What benefit is there dating a woman who has been ran through? multiple kids by different men? loves thug dick, and hates a man who is of principle and integrity? These type of men t0o most black women are “Corny”. Black Women want a guy who is a  punk they can control and do they bidding. They want a “Partner” not a “lover” or a “mate” but a guy that will bring his resources to them

Part 2 coming soon



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