Lizard56 Mad She Can’t Get A Man like me!

“You are a coon”

“You are a hypcorite cause you swril”

“Cave bitch lover”

“You’re ugly, we don’t want you anyway”

“You Uncle Tom Ass Nigger”

These are some of the things, I have heard througout the years in various comments on my channel. The truth is, how can I be mad when it’s coming from cowards who wouldn’t dare say this in real life to my face?

Cowards come in many forms, they attack you in the forms trolling, they attack you without merit.

Cowards who are mad that they can’t get a man, or they can’t “swirl”

2014-03-01 21.19.16
Lizard56 would never get approached in real life.

Instead of improving your life and being happy.  You miserable oompa loompa heifers wanna destroy a man who has never done any harm to you! Just because you are miserable that you can’t get the type of man you want to commit to you for a long term relationship, so you have to attack him like a coward!

In life people are gonna attack you cause they don’t like you. People will be bitter, and try to destory you.

Ignore those people and continue on the path to success!

To Be continued……


One comment

  1. Solo you can’t win with those bitches. I had some curse me because a girlfriend at the time was a size 2 and she was black! My wife now who is 50 is a size 6 and I have had black females ask me if she is a size 12-14. They get mad when I tell them she is tall and works out and is a size 6. They want all females/women to be fat like them. Misery loves company.


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