The Truth On Why Lizard56 Is Mad At Black Men(particularly me)

Life is hard for black people, especially black women who are delusional and compare themselves to white women. Now here we have this evil bitter, Lizard56 attacking Black men on youtube.

Why is that?

It’s simple “If it doesn’t apply you let it fly”. When black women complain about “Niggas ain’t shit” and black men are lazy, women users, just after sex you know stuff that Lizard56  complains about. The truth is these women could not find the type of black man they wanted to commit too them.  After being “ran through” by the thugs and no good black men they complain about. They become bitter and brush of their dusty mics (as well as their weaves) and proceed to make videos about “How to Swirl” and “How To get asian and white men” ha ha ha ha.

But Lizard56 is a sad case, you see she can’t KEEP the black man she wants and she sure as hell can’t get the white man she wants (She is a Minnesota 5 in the face, most white men prefer to date a Beyonce/Halle Berry type. Which she is not and If you dark you best be a California 9 in the face which she is not)

This is why this broad is mad, she can’t do what I do and this enrages her


It pains her to see a dark black man such as myself with beatiful white women. Especially a dark black man she deems “ugly” (but secretly she wants to give me some ghetto gagging sloppy toppy but that’s another blog post) It infuriates her that she can’t get the black man she wants and the black man she deems unworthy is with gorgeous white women, while she herself wants to “Swirl”

Oh let me explain once again that “Swirling” is these black women fetishizing interracial dating. I do not swirl.  BECAUSE I DO NOT FETISH WHITE WOMEN, I date who I want and that’s that.

They tried to lie on me and say I don’t date black women. SMH these “Lizards” do not know me

You see these “lizards” yes THESE types of black women are “Lizards” From now on when I speak of these types of black women I will use that term. These Lizards who spread the message of “swirling” most of them can’t swirl. If they do swirl, they lie for instance Iziorda Whore, will have you thinking you can get an asian guy like this by her contstant one dimensional videos, she makes about asian men.



These women live in delusions a bunch of “North Dakota 6’s” who think they deserve the top elite asian men. ha ha ha.

Let me ask you this if these women are so fucking happy “Swirling” than why do they still talk about black men? why are they worried about us when they supposedly happy with their Chun Yao Fat?

So people ask why does Lizard56 have you so high on the list when you actually try to give black women relationship advice?

It’s quite simple I can do the thing that Lizard56 and Izidoria Whore Wish They could do. I can “swirl” for real and this enrages these women




One comment

  1. I date white women exclusively and I dont have a fetish for them I just find them to be more attractive both mentally and physically and I’m done dealing with black lizards.


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