Jumping The Gun

After yesterday’s discussion about starting a new website, I realize that there are topics that I hadn’t thought of yet.


Name Of the site

Lay out design of the site

How to draw more traffic etc

Content, Content, Content

Getting a Serer (and Backup server)

Having someone with IT knowledge to maintain it

Just to name a few. Having negromanosphere.com founder Oshay Duke Jackson on the hangout I realized we are in need of a business plan. We gotta know the “In’s” and “Out’s”. Honestly starting a blog is one thing. That’s easy just go on WordPress, select your lay out, user name pay for a domain (which I didn’t renew of course) and wa la you set.

A video site is needed, especially one for black men to express themselves unapologetically  After speaking with Brother Gynuwine who has created websites in the past. I ran some stuff by him, he said the site would cost a cool “15-20K”

One thing Oshay said is you can’t rely on donations alone, you must put the money up. Where there is a will there is a way, if brothers is serious about creating our own platform we gonna make it happen, one step at a time.


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